21002 TDC® Triple Duty Concentrate


Concentrated liquid detergent cuts through grease and lipstick. TDC detergents have built-in water conditioning chemicals and rinse clean to prevent spotting on glassware and dishes. Use with recommended sanitizer to get a beer ready glass every time.



Super-concentrated liquid detergent removes soil, grease, and lipstick. Rinses clean to prevent soil redeposit leaving your glasses spotless. Use with a recommended sanitizer to get a beer ready glass each time. Built-in water conditioners – no additional mineral solvents needed.

Also use to clean mirrors, windows, signs, stainless steel fixtures and equipment.

For manual washing or stationary brushes
Safe on glass, plastic or metal.
Economical concentrate
Use in cold, warm or hot water.
Recommended detergent for barware

Additional Information

Size 32 oz bottles