BTF Chlor-Tab Landing

A clean glass starts with BTF Chlor TAB

Keeping Kitchens Safe & Clean

Keeping your glassware and food services areas clean is an important, rather a mandatory requirement for everyone working in restaurants, food processing, commercial kitchens, schools, hotels, and even catering business.   Every dirty glass that hits the floor is a potentially lost customer.  National Chemicals will keep your customers coming back and avoid those negative reviews with our BTF Chlor-Tab.</p

Why BTF Chlor-Tab Sanitizer?

National Chemicals is an industry leader in restaurant sanitation, and a big reason for this is our BTF Chlor-Tab which sanitizes bar and restaurant glassware. This easy to use pre-measured tablet meets health codes with only 1 tablet per standard bar sink. It leaves no residue, taste, or odor behind that could affect the carbonation in beverages such as beer, wine, or soda. Use with one of our recommended detergents to get a beer ready glass each time!

Includes water conditioning chemicals – no need for an additional mineral solvent. Also cleans yogurt, shake, slush, and other soft-serve equipment.

  • Recommended for beer ready glassware
  • Convenient pre-measured tablet
  • Economical – only 1 tablet per sink
  • EPA registered and FDA approved

Why Choose National Chemicals?

You can’t fake clean. After all, your reputation depends on it. As does ours. At National Chemicals, we’ve spent the last 70 years perfecting the science of sanitation, offering the highest quality commercial cleaning products for beverage and food companies across North America. But we don’t stop there. We’re also dedicated to offering you the best customer experience, whether that means explaining how to safely use our products, custom blending or packaging products for resale, or simply making sure we’re always here to make the hard work you do every day a little easier. Read more.

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